Project supervision

The project leader is at the top of the execution chain and collaborates with the project manager or project developer. After all, his vision must be realized within an established framework.

“BKT and its project team always aim for a high-quality end product.”

The project leader is the link between all internal and external parties and guides these during the construction process.

The BKT project leaders monitor and manage the project on the basis of general guidelines. The project leader has (final) responsibility for the financial project administration and creates progress documents per quarter and project phase.

Because BKT employees are proactive by nature, they can already be involved at an earlier stage of the project. Think of the inspecting of contract documents; specifications, details, drawings and other documents. Experience shows that this can prevent problems from occurring during the execution phase; the implementation team can function as efficiently as possible.

The role of project leader is regularly combined with building management.

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