Baseline measurements

Are construction, demolition, soil or drainage work expected to be carried out in your area in the near future? Prevent after-the-fact problems and legal issues by conducting an architectural baseline measurement before these activities take place.

“With an architectural inspection by BKT you will know exactly where you stand.”

A baseline measurement is a specific and careful measurement of the interior and exterior of a property and outbuildings. All defects are included in an extensive report with accompanying visual material.

A baseline measurement may be commissioned by private homeowners, real estate owners/managers and homeowners associations. An architectural baseline measurement is also crucial for municipalities and contractors. This to prevent you having to pay for damages not caused by work activities. In many cases, a baseline measurement is required to obtain a CAR (Construction All Risk) insurance.

On request, BKT can include the baseline measurement as notarial deeds at the notary. This allows you to avoid any discussions down the road about the time certain damage occurred.

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