Purchase inspection

Found your dream home?

The purchase of a home may involve a lot of emotions. However, before you make the final buying decision, you will probably want to know more about the architectural state of the property, so you won't be confronted with any surprises after the fact. After all, these surprises can have major financial consequences.

“Don't just follow your emotions, opt for an architectural inspection by BKT.”

The architectural purchase inspection is visual and non-destructive in accordance with the inspection guidelines. During the inspection, all components of the home are inspected. The inspection will not only examine defects in walls and floors (whether or not originating from the foundation), but also the roof (and if present, the balcony). In addition, installations will be assessed to determine whether these still comply with current standards and the state of the bathrooms and kitchen will be observed. If asbestos, fungus, wood-boring insects and such are discovered, this will be mentioned in the report with corresponding maintenance measures.

The inspection results are translated into a budget and supported by a photo report. The budget is divided into three categories:
IRM - Immediately Required Maintenance (>1yr);
LRM - Longer term Required Maintenance (<3yr);
WM - Are costs that are not part of the Program requirements for structural inspection.

With a purchase inspection inspection by BKT

  • you will be fully aware of the structural condition;
  • you will improve your negotiating position;
  • you will gain insight into costs for immediately necessary and overdue maintenance;
  • you won't be confronted with surprises, hidden defects and therefore additional costs;
  • you will be effortlessly able to apply for a mortgage;
  • you will be able to put out construction activities to tender immediately.

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