MYMP (Multi Year Maintenance Plan)
A Multi Year Maintenance Plan is essential for proper and strategic maintenance that yields long-term economic benefits. An MYMP is created for a period of 5, 10 or 15 years. In combination with Technical Management, the MYMP is periodically updated and thus remains relevant.

“A well-maintained property provides more living and working enjoyment.”

Through an MYMP one can build up sufficient financial reserves and gain insight into maintenance and associated maintenance intervals. This allows one to control maintenance costs and optimize the overall maintenance. With this information, planned maintenance is strategically implemented, reducing failure costs, complaint costs and daily required maintenance. More specifically, this means longer maintenance intervals (every 6-8 years) and therefore lower maintenance costs and a higher quality property. A well-maintained property provides more living and working enjoyment, contributes to a pleasant atmosphere and living environment and therefore has a higher economic value.

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