BKT contributes to society in the form of sponsorship. Our only condition is that the sponsorship must benefit a social issue or be sports related. We not only provide sponsorship in our own region, but also sponsor initiatives in the region of a client.

2016 - TVDR Zoetermeer, Saturday 1 mixed
2015 - MHCZ D3 / seniors A
2014 - MHCZ D3 / seniors A
2013 - Ropa Run st. Havensteder
  - st. Maasdelta, seniors contact day
  - st. Maasdelta, Heavenly Stars on the Vosges ( st. Daniël den Hoed)
  - MHCZ seniors A
  - MHCZ friends of D1
2012 - MHCZ H6
  - Ropa Run st. Havensteder
2011 - MHCZ H7
2010 - MHCZ H7


Ook op maatschappelijk gebied zet BKT zich in de vorm van sponsoring in voor de samenleving.