Aftersales of a construction project is often neglected. Nevertheless, as proven many times, aftersales is one of the most important phases during the construction process. In the eyes of the buyer, a project isn't truly successful until his problems are resolved seriously and appropriately.

“ If reports are quickly and adequately resolved, the relationship between developer and buyer becomes all the more stronger. And the enjoyment of living all the greater! ”

After the completion of your construction or renovation project, our customer service department will be ready to assist you if it turns out that something has not been handled entirely correctly. The department's task is not only to register and coordinate, but it must also adequately assess the buyer's reports.

At BKT, the occupant is paramount. That is to say, after reporting and registering an issue, the occupant will be informed at all times. With many other companies, this is not the case and reports are neglected or start to lead their own lives. The latter often has negative consequences for both the client and the contractor.

BKT may provide aftersales for a period from 3 to 30 months after the completion of the property. This period often consists of the 3 or 6 month maintenance period and the first or second year of warranty.

The advantages of external aftersales listed:

  • Occupants have a single point of contact;
  • An independent party assess the reports;
  • Reports will never start to lead their own lives within the organization;
  • No loose A4 sheets with complaints;
  • Transparent administration;
  • No additional pressures on other departments.

Do you have any questions about our aftersales and how it may help your organization? Please contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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