The supervisor represents the interests of the client during the execution of the construction project. He is also the link between the contractor and the building manager, project leader or project manager and thus supports the implementation process.

“If the work is monitored, the intended quality can be achieved.”

We will check the contractor during the construction process to determine whether the project is carried out in accordance with the contract documents. This allows us to monitor quality, progress of planning, safety aspects and the contract variations.

The supervisor not only monitors quality, but also organizes the project administration, writes the minutes of the construction meetings, assesses/advises on the contract variations, check the terms, monitors the purchasing periods and surveys and delivers the property or building in a ready state. Finally, the supervisor also organizes the transfer documents of the project.

For all facets, BKT has standard templates for approved drawings, buyer info bulletins, delivery booklets and quality reports.

Because BKT employees are proactive by nature, they can already be involved at an earlier stage of the project. Think of the inspecting of contract documents; specifications, details, drawings and other documents. Experience shows that this can prevent problems from occurring during the execution phase; the implementation team can function as efficiently as possible.

The deployment of a project supervisor varies per project and is dependent on size, construction method and planning. If a project is not too extensive or, due to circumstances, a supervisor cannot be appointed, BKT advises to opt for quality management.

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