Technical (HOA) management

Is your homeowners association responsible for financial and administrative management or are you responsible for these aspects yourself? Is your real estate portfolio managed? In these cases, BKT may support you in the technical management of your homeowners association or real estate. Technical maintenance refers to maintenance of the property including the general areas and technical installations. In many cases, the maintenance hereof is included in the Multi Year Maintenance Plan.

“A well-maintained property provides more living enjoyment and has a higher economic value.”

BKT distinguishes itself through its real estate expertise and vision with regards to real estate management. Our vision focuses on pro-active advice, and involving management and owners in the process: 'from Push to Pull'. Not only during maintenance, but also during the preliminary stages and daily management. Because BKT performs an on-site inspection every 2 to 3 years and translates its observations into a Quickscan, the condition of the property is always up-to-date. With this information, planned maintenance is strategically implemented, reducing failure costs, complaint costs and daily required maintenance. More specifically, this means longer maintenance intervals (every 6-8 years) and therefore lower maintenance costs and a higher quality property. After all, a well-maintained property provides more living and working enjoyment, contributes to a pleasant atmosphere and living environment and therefore has a higher economic value.

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