Building management

The building manager is the link between all parties involved during the construction process and guides all parties. The building manager falls directly under the responsibility of the project developer or project manager.

“In order to guarantee an efficient construction process, the project requires reliable, independent, expert and decisive guidance.”

The BKT building managers monitor the contractual agreements as established in the contract documents and the building contract. In addition, the building manager leads the construction meetings and conforms to the procedures to keep the project manageable in terms of quality, time and budget. When failing to do so, he will adjust the implementation team's approach wherever possible.

The tasks of the building manager may overlap with those of the supervisor. The combination of the two is advised when a construction project is not too extensive. In order to ensure quality and reduce supervision costs, quality management is highly recommended.

Because BKT employees are proactive by nature, they can already be involved at an earlier stage of the project. Think of the inspecting of contract documents; specifications, details, drawings and other documents. Experience shows that this can prevent problems from occurring during the execution phase; the implementation team can function as efficiently as possible.

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