Tender CPO project Create@Müllerpier phase 1 (Blauwhoed / AM)

Client: HOYT architects, Bokkers van der Veen architects
Location: Rotterdam – Müllerpier plots 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8
Fabricator: Multiple, including Sterk consulting agency for construction
Tags: Bokkers van der Veen construction CPO HOYT masonry Müllerpier Rotterdam Specifications tender Wooden facade

At the request of Bokkers van der Veen architects and HOYT architects, BKT was responsible for tendering projects related to 5 properties. The CPO project 'Create@Müllerpier' is a joint project of AM and Blauwhoed. In total, the project has a scope of 28 properties in phase 1 and 10 properties in phase 2.

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